As I head into my exams, it got me thinking: “Why?”

*Let me give you some context first. I am talking about English GCSEs. In year nine, we choose some subjects we want to study. However, some of these are compulsory- English, basic sciences, and maths. That’s about all the context you’ll need.*

Well, of course they are useful, but I see many problems within the current school system. Let’s start at my least favourite subject- maths. Firstly, I am terrible at maths, alongside many others around me. I understand the use of basic maths in jobs, but I see no reason why we need to know Pythagoras or how to calculate the angles in a polygon based on the exterior angles. This is why I think that maths should become a choice, because really, unless you plan to go into a job which heavily involves complicated maths without the use of calculators or other things, you shouldn’t have to take it. I think maths (and possibly English too) should be split into two, basic and further. Basic mathematics would involve simple sums, and other relatively simple maths, whereas further maths would be all of the complex things for specific jobs.

I’m not going to go into other rantings on school based upon things such as what topics the school prioritizes, because many videos have already stated most of my points, you can find them here: and here:

I have my Drama exam tomorrow, so I might not be able to post again then. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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