The last post was quite depressing, so I figure that now I should write something which is a bit more positive- positivity!

I think that positivity is the key to success. Not intelligence, not charisma, not looks, but positivity. The power to remain optimistic through the worst of times is a great power, and one that’ll aid you throughout every stage of life. A positive mindset will get you very far. For example, rather than playing back the events of that job interview you know you messed up on, think about what you did wrong, pinpoint those areas, and hold your head up high as you move on to whatever you’ll try next.

Think about it, negativity makes you negative. Seems like a given, and it is, but that also means that positivity makes you positive. Does this make no sense? Possibly, but the point is that being negative will make you feel negative, resulting in an endless spiral which only leads down.

So really, stay positive through everything, and good things will come to you! 🙂


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