This is my first blog post, and it is going to be quite deep. I started this blog just today, because of immense boredom. Now, while I was thinking about why I was bored, I came across a plethora of reasons. I will be writing about just one of these reasons today: age.

Why age? Well, as you get older, you get more responsibility, so you can do more things. As children, we always get told to try new things, see the World, and enjoy life overall. However, I live in a small town, and there isn’t much going on around me. Where does age fit into this? Age stops us from doing any of the things listed above. You want to get a train and go to that concert? Nope, you can’t be trusted. This same thing applies to almost everything.

So here I am, wasting away my life doing nothing, simply because of a number. People tell me to make the most of my youth, but how can I do so when the same people saying that, are the same people oppressing me? I suppose I will continue to waste my life this same way until I can finally get out of this dull and dreary town, and into a much more fruitful, and vibrant area.


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